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Cold Calling and My Experiences

So, having worked within the water treatment industry for over 10 years, its been a very rare occasion that I have ‘cold called’. I’m a huge advocate for relationship building, referals and driving new business through marketing and mail shots. In fact, I’ve had great success in doing so but that’s only part of the overall package and creating and

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Personal or Brand on LinkedIn

I have been posting on LinkedIn for many years now and have become a huge advocate for self-promotion and promoting the company for which I work for, but why? LinkedIn is a great recruitment, networking and marketing tool and the best part – its free! I have recruited and have been recruited through LinkedIn and its a very unique platform

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Request for Proposals (RFP’s) Are Wrong!

‘Request for Proposal’ – these three words are soul destroying when your sales cycle involves personal interaction and creating a solution for a particular issue or problem. RFP’s are supposed to be a tool by which a company can evaluate all vendors fairly – the same rules, the same criteria and the same pricing structure but that’s where the issue

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