Ep.6 The Transition From Corporate

I met Caroline ‘online’ after a Podcast Labs live event which discussed whether Podcasts were the future of Marketing and after a coffee to discuss how we could be best placed to ‘network’ and offer some additional value to each other, I decided to invite Caroline onto the podcast to talk a little about how she has grown her network and how she has succeeded in the corporate world after leaving the Army.

Leaving the Army is a stressful thing to do as you are leaving relative comfort to stand on your own two feet and some people flourish with the process and structure the Armed Forces gives you – Caroline is one of those individuals. I think that the military lifestyle has many transferable skills into a sales lifestyle and we hear about many of them in this podcast.

This episode of The SalesChange Podcast covers –

  • How Caroline left the Army and transitioned into a corporate role.
  • Some great nuggets of advice on how to be a top field sales rep and sales leader.
  • We talk about imposter syndrome and how it affects women in the business world.
  • We touch on how Caroline builds her network to succeed and how its helped in many scenarios over the years.
  • There’s a bit of banter and we talk about what the future of CSC Consultancy is..
  • Caroline also answers the ‘SalesChange 5’ questions.

On every SalesChange Podcast – we ask the guests to answer 5 standard questions – here are the responses from Caroline..

  • What was the last book you read?

Caroline – Using Audible – I am listening to The Alchemist.

  • Who is the leader you look up to the most?

Caroline – Well, as I was growing up in the late 80’s – Margaret Thatcher for her determination. She didnt take any cr*p.

  • What did you want to be when you grew up?

Caroline – Even from an early age, probably 12, I wanted to join the military – probably the Navy though. It gave me a two great trades.

  • Whats the worst job you could imagine doing?

Caroline – Telesales.. all day, every day on the phone. Bleurgh..

  • Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn?

Caroline – Facebook for personal as it covers every single demographic. LinkedIn for B2B.


Matt King
Matt King

Matt King is an award winning Business Leader, Sales Coach, Podcaster and Content Creator.

He has managed and built sales teams to succeed over the last 10 years with a direct, relatable and down to earth approach which focuses on building relationships, networks and problem solving.

He focuses on collaboration, culture, mindset – all to build that momentum that leads to sales. That’s his idea of fun.

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