Ep.8 Building a Strong Business Culture

I know Tim Guest – we met through the BVAA (British Valve and Actuator Association) and my interest was peaked in what Tim does during one of his talks about corporate change and how he impacted a company through people management.

In this podcast, Tim opens up about his time at Zoedale (he’s now left after selling the company late in 2019) and how he grew the company, what he did in order to change the company and generate ‘growth’ – change management is key to what SalesChange does and its good to hear from Tim about how he did it and what he’s learnt.

This episode of The SalesChange Podcast covers –

  • What Tim has been doing recently after his departure from Zoedale.
  • Why you shouldn’t always keep the best performers in your company.
  • Why you need to empower your team and not constantly ‘lead’.
  • Why networking within your industry is key to building your business.
  • How easy is it to brew your own beer?!
  • What you should do if you hire the wrong type of people.
  • How to deal with negativity personally and in the corporate workplace.
  • Answers to the ‘SalesChange 5’ questions.

On every SalesChange Podcast – we ask the guests to answer 5 standard questions – here are the responses from Consulting51’s Tim Guest.

  • Who is the leader you look up to the most?

Tim – Can I give you two? The first ‘real’ world leader who employed me in a call centre for a debt management company – Stephen Stylianou – he didnt run the company from an ivory tower, he was very much connected to everyone. The other who I don’t know but really would like to know if Tony Hsieh, the founder of Zappos. The reason is because he is like me in that he’s learnt along the way but he also fosters a culture where any idea is a good idea and the people are most important.

  • Whats the worst job you could imagine doing?

Tim  – The worst job would be a toilet cleaner at a Techno festival.. Firstly because I’d be cleaning toilets, plus I’d be seeing people having a great time and finally because I’d be able to hear the music but not join in.

  • What did you want to be when you grew up?

Tim – Never grow up. I failed my A-Levels, dropped out of Uni and then went into Estate Agency.

  • What was the last book you read?

Tim – The Travelling Cats Chronicles by Hiro Arikawa was the last book I read for pleasure – the last ‘work book’ I read was Influence by Robert Cialdini

  • Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn?

Tim – LinkedIn definitely but I do post a bit on Twitter.


Matt King
Matt King

Matt King is an award winning Business Leader, Sales Coach, Podcaster and Content Creator.

He has managed and built sales teams to succeed over the last 10 years with a direct, relatable and down to earth approach which focuses on building relationships, networks and problem solving.

He focuses on collaboration, culture, mindset – all to build that momentum that leads to sales. That’s his idea of fun.

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